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Did you know that there are 105,108 public schools in the United States?

our mission and goals
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our mission and goals

Mission Statement
New Hampshire Partners in Education enhances and enriches the education of children through school volunteerism.

NH Partners in Education achieves their mission by:


Advocating on behalf of school-related volunteer efforts;

Celebrating and recognizing school-related volunteer efforts;

Facilitating and sustaining professional development and technical resources for school-related volunteer efforts, and;

Building business and community partnerships to create bridges between these groups and New Hampshire's educational community.


We have been accomplishing these goals since 1968 and thousands of New Hampshire children have been touched by the efforts of countless school volunteers. In the academic year 2009-2010, over 35,000 volunteers provided almost one million hours of service to 187 schools in New Hampshire who reported a total enrollment of over 113,000 students.

There are over 670 schools in New Hampshire divided by K-8 public schools, 9-12 public schools and K-12 non-public schools. Our goal is to foster, support and facilitate volunteer programs in each school in the Granite State.

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