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A recent survey revealed that 94% of teachers spend an average of $552 OF THEIR OWN MONEY on classroom supplies!?

Program Currently Suspended




Paper, post-it notes, paperclips and highlighters - you probably use these everyday. You print reports, make notes, organize files and high light important information. Quite possibly you don’t even realize how many of these supplies you use. In our school systems, it’s quite different.

Each Spring, the school supply budget has been expended. This leaves hundreds of students and teachers without the supplies they rely on daily With your help we can prevent this from happening.

Supplies most needed by schools:

Packages of white copy paper

Boxes of No. 2 Pencils (no logo’s please)

Boxes of dry erase markers

Pads of “Post-it” notes

Boxes of staples

Packages of dry erasers

Boxes of paper clips

Boxes of highlighters

Boxes of rubber bands

Boxes of thumb tacks


We have determined that the cost to provide one set of each of these items is $85. Our goal is to deliver TWO SETS to each of our Blue Ribbon Schools during School Volunteer Week May 9-13.

We have partnered with Granite State College to help us facilitate the delivery of these supplies to the almost 200 schools in New Hampshire that received a Blue Ribbon Award for the school volunteer programs last October.

Can you help us with a tax-deductible contribution of

$85 or more?

Your company will be listed in our promotional materials and media communications as well as on our website as an

Education Station Supporter.

Download the sponsorship form to return with your donation.

Please help us to provide the schools and students with the materials they need to complete their work for the remainder of this school year.

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