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Did you know that the volunteering rate for NH youths ages
16-19 is 35%?

Resources & Tools for Volunteers
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Resources & Tools for Volunteers
Risk Management Issues
If you have questions regarding screening practices for school volunteers to include fingerprinting, background & criminal checks, etc., we encourage you to contact Jeff Kellett at the NH Department of Safety at (603) 271-2538 or email

To view the technical advisory that was prepared by the Department of Safety and the Department of Educationm click here.

Volunteer Coordinator's Handbook
Click here to download the current edition of the Volunteer Coordinator's Handbook. This large file is a Microsoft Word document.

Excel® Spreadsheet for Volunteer Hours
Click here to download a sample spreadsheet to record volunteer hours.”Once the data is entered, you can sort the information by volunteer, hours, teacher assigned, month, etc. For more experienced users, graphs can be created to provide a visual measurement of your volunteer program.

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