Congratulations to our 2021 & 2022

Award Winners!

New Hampshire Partners in Education enhances and enriches the education of children through recognizing and celebrating school volunteerism.

2021 & 2022 Blue Ribbon Schools

Recognizes the extraordinary efforts of school volunteers for the achievements realized
during the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Adeline C Marston School

  • Allenstown Elementary School

  • Alton Central School

  • Armand R. Dupont School

  • Bedford High School

  • Belmont Elementary School

  • Bishop Guertin High School

  • Boscawen Elementary School

  • Canterbury Elementary School

  • Chichester Central

  • Danville Elementary School

  • David R. Cawley Middle School

  • Derry Village School

  • Dunbarton Elementary School

  • Ellis School

  • Ernest P. Barka Elementary School

  • Fred C. Underhill Elementary

  • Griffin Memorial School

  • Groveton Elementary School

  • Groveton High School

  • Hampstead Central School

  • Hampstead Middle School

  • Hooksett Memorial School

  • Hopkinton Middle High School

  • James Mastricola Elementary School

  • Lincoln Street School

  • Loudon Elementary School

  • Main Street School

  • McKelvie Intermediate School

  • Memorial Elementary School

  • Mildred C. Lakeway Elementary School

  • Mont Vernon Village School

  • New London Elementary

  • North Londonderry Elementary School

  • Penacook Elementary School

  • Peter Woodbury School

  • Portsmouth Christian Academy

  • Reeds Ferry Elementary School

  • Riddle Brook Elementary

  • Ross A. Lurgio Middle School

  • Salisbury Elementary School

  • South Range Elementary School

  • Stark Village School

  • Stratford Public School

  • Sutton Central School

  • Webster Elementary School

2021 & 2022 Gold Circle Partnership Schools

The Gold Circle Award celebrates the valuable partnerships that schools and volunteer programs have with local businesses. By receiving volunteer and other resource support from organizations in their community, schools are able to balance resources to provide their students with the best educational experience possible.

  • Allenstown Elementary School - Allenstown Police Department
  • Allenstown Elementary School - Allenstown PTO
  • Armand R. Dupont School - Allenstown Fire Department
  • Armand R. Dupont School - Allenstown PTO
  • Bedford High School - Bedford Community Television BCTV
  • Belmont Elementary School - B.E.S.T. (Belmont Elementary Support Team)
  • Canterbury Elementary School - Apple Hill Farm
  • Chichester Central - Chichester Fire Department
  • Danville Elementary School - Danville Police Department
  • David R. Cawley Middle School - Hooksett Fire Department
  • David R. Cawley Middle School - Hooksett Police Department
  • David R. Cawley Middle School - Hooksett PTA
  • Ellis School - Ellis School PTA
  • Ernest P. Barka Elementary School - Work to Learn at Pinkerton Academy
  • Fred C. Underhill Elementary - Hooksett Fire Department
  • Fred C. Underhill Elementary - Hooksett Police Department
  • Fred C. Underhill Elementary - Hooksett PTA
  • Fred C. Underhill Elementary - Southern NH University
  • Groveton Elementary School - North Country Shop and Save
  • Groveton High School - Appalachian Mountain Club
  • Groveton High School - Moms North Country
  • Groveton High School - Moody Mug
  • Groveton High School - New Hampshire Fish and Game
  • Groveton High School - Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility
  • Groveton High School - Perras Ace
  • Hampstead Central School - Friends Program
  • Hopkinton Middle High School - Back In The Saddle (BITS) Equine Therapy
  • James Mastricola Elementary School - Southern New Hampshire University SNHU
  • Mont Vernon Village School - Cutter Family Properties
  • Penacook Elementary School - Merrimack Fire Department
  • Portsmouth Christian Academy - Cutter Family Properties
  • Reeds Ferry Elementary School - Boy Scout Troop 401
  • Reeds Ferry Elementary School - Granite State Fit Kids
  • Reeds Ferry Elementary School - Lions Club
  • Reeds Ferry Elementary School - Merrimack Fire Department
  • Reeds Ferry Elementary School - Merrimack Garden Club
  • Reeds Ferry Elementary School - Merrimack Police Department
  • Reeds Ferry Elementary School - Merrimack Public Library
  • South Range Elementary School - NH Friends Program - Foster Grandparents
  • Stark Village School - Stark Fire Department
  • Stratford Public School - Noyes Chevrolet
  • Sutton Central School - Friends of Sutton PTO

2021 & 2022 ROCK STARS

In recognition the extraordinary efforts and partnership during the 2021 & 2022 school years.

  • Adeline C Marston School, Wendi Lewis

  • Allenstown Elementary School, Lisa Cox and Sandra Kimball

  • Armand R. Dupont School, Lisa Cox and Sandra Kimball

  • Belmont Elementary School, Ricci Comire

  • Canterbury Elementary School, Marlyn Hedderick and Ellwyn Hayslip

  • Chichester Central, Alisa Mullen

  • David R. Cawley Middle School, Jennifer Lawyer

  • Derry Village School, Keri Walters

  • Dunbarton Elementary School, Geoff Moody

  • Ellis School, Andrea Bancroft

  • Ernest P. Barka Elementary School, Yvonne Apaun

  • Groveton Elementary School, Kari and Ben Hickey

  • Groveton High School, Tom Grimes and Clair Mood

  • Hampstead Central School. Lauryn Ciulla

  • Hampstead Middle School, Molly Freilich and Sara Wisecarver

  • Hooksett Memorial School, Melissa Rollins

  • James Mastricola Elementary School, Abby Hammond

  • McKelvie Intermediate School, Kelly O'Donnell

  • Memorial Elementary School, Nancy Lundquist

  • Mildred C. Lakeway Elementary School, Tiffany Howard and Heather Porter

  • North Londonderry Elementary School, Jaclyn Cippoletta and Colleen Ramsey

  • Penacook Elementary School, Kelly Anderson

  • Portsmouth Christian Academy, Ann Kohl and Gene Watson

  • Reeds Ferry Elementary School, Jim Smith

  • South Range Elementary School, Christine Haswell

  • Stratford Public School, Ino Villarreal

2021 & 2022 Volunteers of the Year

In recognition the extraordinary efforts and partnership during the 2021 & 2022 school years.

Colleen Ramsey

North Londonderry Elementary School

Colleen's efforts are nothing short of herculean. Despite being a mother of 3 and training for marathons, Colleen volunteered over 105 hours during the '21-'22 school year. Colleen volunteered for our Fall Harvest, multiple Book Fairs, spearheaded our 5th Grade T-Shirt program, helped sell spirit sticks, and led the effort to create our 5th Grade yearbooks. Aside from those direct contributions, Colleen spent time documenting activities she completed in the past and guiding new volunteers that picked them up.

While accomplishing all of that, Colleen still made time to attend PTA meetings every month, operated with the best attitude, and was incredibly selfless with her time. She is, without a doubt, an amazing asset to our volunteer team.

Nancy Lundquist

Memorial Elementary School

As the school’s Volunteer Coordinator, Nancy contributes countless hours ensuring the school delivers great experiences for the students, teachers and families. It is a very heavy lift to secure dozens of volunteers to execute the many different programs and she does it with a smile. Nancy is always there to step in and help and makes sure volunteers feel equipped to also provide support and enjoy their experience. Nancy communicates with all, ensuring the school administration is up to speed as well as the various volunteers and the district Parent Teacher Group.

Gene Watson

Portsmouth Christian Academy

Mr. Watson clocked in at just over 2,000 hours for the 21-22 school year. Not only does he volunteer to lead in several areas such as; Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Father's in Prayer for our students' fathers, baseball coach, community building events, a small group for middle school male students, he also arrives early and patrols daily as volunteer security for PCA. Gene displays a "SECURITY" magnet on his pickup, has installed several security cameras and responds to multiple radio calls a day for small to large staff, faculty and student needs. In addition, Gene has helped raise funds for our tuition program by donating, "security for a day" and chaperoning students around as they act and play the part of security. He directs traffic in and out of the school and drives the buses. He continued all of this while COVID took place and without him, we could not have carried on as usual. The students did not feel the full weight of COVID much due to Mr. Watson's service. In all honesty, Gene is more than a volunteer of the year as he has been volunteering for PCA for the last 18 years and his first (and maybe last) Volunteer Award was from his daughters preschool teacher. She gave him the "scissors award" for all the cutting he did for the classroom that year. As you can see, he has been a dedicated father and volunteer and we could not have done the last two COVID years without him.